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Monday, 31 August 2009

BB10: Day 89 - Reenactment Task

Housemates must re-enact an episode of Big Brother which would be shown on the plasma screen for the Shopping Task.

Gathered in front of the plasma screen as the familiar Big Brother music heralded the start of Day 50s show, the housemates clapped and cheered.

Charlie watched as the footage showed him in the Diary Room, "Where's Kenneth?" Charlie asked Big Brother, transporting the housemates back to the time when Kenneth went AWOL over the fence.

The next part of the show saw Lisa and David on the bench. Cue the laughter from the watching housemates as their teasing about Lisa and David constantly being at the bus stop was confirmed.

But soon the smile on Siavash's face turned to one of sheer horror as he realised that he and Noirin had been an item on Day 50. He immediately leapt up and went running out of the Task Room looking visibly shaken.

"I'm not watching this, I'm not listening to this," he screamed running away from the viewing. He went to the Bedroom, rolled onto his bed, covered himself with his duvet and groaned the groans of a man in deep distress.

"Oh God, national humiliation all over again," he whimpered, still covering his head under the duvet and possibly hoping he could stay under there forever.

"I was looking forward to watching that episode," he lamented from under his duvet.

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