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Friday, 23 January 2009

CBB6: Day 22 - Final Day Highlights

Final day in the Celeb Big Brother house and these were the final headlines from the house:

*VIDEO: Ulrika's Best Bits
*Ulrika's Interview With Davina McCall
* VIDEO: Ulrika Winning Big Brother
*Ulrika wins Big Brother saying "it's a fix"
* VIDEO: Terry's Best Bits
*Terry CBB6 Runner-Up
*VIDEO: Coolio's Best Bits
*Coolio Is Third
*VIDEO: Verne's Best Bits
*Verne Finishes in 4th Place - SHOCKER
*VIDEO: Ben's Best Bits
*Ben Evicted
*Housemates Reveal Art Work
*TASK: Painting Task
*VIDEO: Ulrika's After Dinner Speech
*VIDEO: Terry's After Dinner Speech
*PICTURES: Final Supper
* VIDEO: Ben's After Dinner Speech
* Ulrika Excited About Last Day
* VIDEO: Coolio's After Dinner Speech
* VIDEO: Verne's After Dinner Speech

*BB official website:

CBB6: Celeb BB Viewing Figures - Day 10 - 20

Celebrity Big Brother 6 still manages to draw in the viewers, with over 2 million tuning in each night. Here are the Big Brother viewing figures from Day 10 until Day 20, including Tina Malone and Michelle Heaton's Eviction figures.

Sun 11th Jan (Day 10) - 2.23m (8.7%), 350,000 (C4+1)
Mon 12th Jan (Day 11) - 2.21m (9.3%), 310,000 (C4+1)
Tues 13th Jan (Day 12) - 2.96m (12.7%), 285,000 (C4+1)
Wed 14th Jan (Day 14) - 2.75m ( 11.9%), 335,000 (C4+1)
Thurs 15th Jan (Day 15) - 2.37m (10.2%), 336,000 (C4+1)
Fri 16th Jan (Day 16) - Tina Malone Eviction: 3.08m (12.8%), 180,000 (C4+1)
Eviction Interview: 2.11m (12.6%), 147,000 (C4+1)
Sat 17th Jan (Day 17) - 2.05m (9.1%)
Sun 18th Jan (Day 18) - 2.18m (8.5%)
Mon 19th Jan (Day 19) - 1.7m (6.8%), 513,000 (C4+1)
Michelle Heaton Eviction - 2.99m (16.5%)
Tues 20th Jan (Day 20) - 2.32m (14%)

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 21 - Big Brother Round-Up

It's the final full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and these were the main stories from the day:

* VIDEO: Last Supper
* Final Meal
* Who's At The Door?
* PICTURES: Housemates Handiwork
* TASK: Farewell Presents
* Ben Reflects In Diary Room
* Ulrika Has A Moan
* VIDEO: Coolio Farting In Bed

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

CBB6: Day 20 - Big Brother News Updates

* VIDEO: Tommy's Best Bits
* Tommy Eviction Interview With Davina McCall
* Tommy Is Evicted From CBB6 House
* VIDEO: La Toya's Best Bits
*La Toya's Eviction Interview With Davina McCall
* La Toya Is Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother House
* VIDEO: Ulrika Licks A Fish Eye
* VIDEO: Ben kisses A Granny
* VIDEO: Terry Kisses A Sweaty Armpit
* Dare Devils Task PICTURES
* TASK: Dare Devils - housemates tested to the limit, or face jail

* Big Brother Movie - the FULL Video

* Tommy protests about Shopping List

*Verne snogs a baby doll in Big Brother VIDEO

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

CBB6: Day 19 - Highlights

* PICTURES: Terry and Ulrika Pie Eating
* VIDEO: LaToya and Ben Ride Bucking Bronco
* VIDEO: Coolio In Road Rage!
* TASK: America Day
* Ulrika Misses Michelle - Diary Room
* Coolio's Fake Nominations VIDEO
* Verne's Fake Nominations VIDEO
*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 18 - Celeb BB Headlines

* Michelle's Eviction Interview
* VIDEO: Michelle's Best Bits
* Michelle Evicted
*Nominations - Ulrika v Michelle
*Housemates do ODD things
*Michelle and Ulrika Steal Champagne
* PICTURES: Big Brother - The Movie
* Verne Chats Up Ben - VIDEO
* Ulrika and Ben Get Shocks - VIDEO
* VIDEO - Michelle and Ben In The Bath
* TASK: Big Brother - The Movie Revealed
*Celeb Chilli Face PICTURES

*Housemates enjoy party - the PICTURES

*BB official website:

Sunday, 18 January 2009

CBB6: Day 17 - Headlines

It's the final week of Celebrity Big Brother 6 and here are the highlights from Day 17, just click the links to read the full story:

* Tommy Thinks Atmosphere Is Better
* VIDEO: Coolio Has 24 Hour Swearing Ban
* House Band Task Pictures
* Michelle Wants To Watch Final BB Night As Spectator

* Chilli Task Revealed
* VIDEO: Coolio Eating Hot Chilli
* Coolio's Hot Chilli Face PICTURES
* Michelle Eating Her Last Chilli - VIDEO

*BB official website:
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