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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 10 - 14

It seems the viewing public are still in love with Big Brother as year on year viewing figures seem to indicate. The latest batch of viewing figures have been pretty positive overall.

Day 10 (Fri 18 June) - The first Big Brother live eviction had almost 3 million viewers on Friday night.Rachael's departure was seen by 2.69m (12.7%), with a further 156,000 (1.2%) watching on C4+1. Meanwhile, the reality show rose 1.1m on the equivalent episode from last year and was more uplifting than the England football match earlier.

Day 11 (Sat 19 June) - Viewing figures dropped for Big Brother, delivering the lowest rating of its final series so far, with just 1.65m (7.9%) tuning in, then Channel 4 +1 adding a modest 355,000 (2%) at 10pm.

Day 12 (Sun 20 June) - Big Brother gained over half a million viewers, the show averaged 2.2m (9.4%) for Channel 4 in the 9pm hour, up 590,000 on the previous night's episode. A further 378,000 (2.1%) watched the programme on C4+1

Day 13 (Mon 21 June) - Arguments began erupting within the house as Big Brother was seen by  2.09 million (11.8% audience share), with another 180,000 (2%) tuning in on C4+1.

Day 14 (Tues 22 June) - Nominations and the Tree of Temptation helped keep viewers entertained on Big Brother with 2.31m (13.2%) watching the programme on Channel 4  at 10pm,  a further 206,000 (2.4%) tuning in on timeshift C4+1.

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