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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

BB11: Ex-Housemates Return To Big Brother House

Day 71: A flooded Big Brother house did not stop former housemates from re-entering the BB11 house as part of this weeks Bob Righter Prediction Task. First to return was upper crust Ben who greeted by an excited Mario, who ran over and hugged his previously close friend.

Mario then had to make a choice - become the mole again and be interviewed on ‘The Ben Show’, by ex-housemate Ben, OR be handcuffed to Ben for an hour. The housemates cheered as they saw Ben as Mario decided he wanted to be handcuffed for an hour with him.

John James picked Rachael to re-enter the BB11 house and give him a massage after Bob Righter gave him the choice between the two Rachel's, as part of The Prediction Task. The two housemates failed to see eye to eye during her short time in the house. and the massage didn't exactly relax John James. The pair continued to bicker as a rather arrogant John James had a go at the former housemate. Rachael was glad to leave the Task room as soon as Big Brother allowed her too. No love lost between the two housemates!

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