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Thursday, 19 August 2010

BB11: John James Almost Leaves House Again!

Day 72: Once again John James has almost walked out of the Big Brother house, as pressures mount on him. First his relationship with Josie was at breaking point yesterday as she told him it was over, then Corin stood up to his make-up comments. He initially refused to wear a crab outfit during Bob Righter's Prediction Task and faced backlash from his fellow housemates, but the worst was yet to come.

Yesterday Corin went on a date with ex-housemate Nathan, who revealed he was dating Rachael. Only hours earlier John James had traded insults with Rachael, who came into the house to give him a massage.

Digital Spy reports that at around 12pm, the Australian housemate left the Diary Room and announced that he had decided to quit after discovering that ex-housemate Nathan was furious over comments John James made to his girlfriend, BB11's first evictee Rachael, upon her return to the house yesterday.

As fellow housemates begged him to reconsider and stated that he would look like a sore loser and a coward for leaving by the back door, John James remained adamant.

He argued: "The only difference between walking out now and tomorrow night is you're going to get your banter out there, your speech with Davina, I don’t care about that. What's the difference?"

After returning to the Diary Room, John James told the rest of the house that Big Brother had contacted Nathan, who apparently arranged to have breakfast with his mother this morning.

"They're on a friendly basis. Mum is aware of the situation and she wants me to walk out the front door," he detailed. "Nathan has not threatened any violent behaviour and will not threaten any violent behaviour."

However, he said that he still intended to leave the house unless he could speak to Nathan personally, a wish which was granted moments later when Big Brother allowed him to have a telephone conversation with the trainee joiner in the Diary Room.

"He said there's no hard feelings," John James reported. "He said I said something upsetting to somebody that he cares very dearly about."

"He said she came in here hoping to make peace," he added, arguing that Rachael had been "bantering" as much as he was. "But whatever, it doesn’t bother me. I'm willing to forget about that, just move on."

As John James confirmed that had been reassured enough to remain in the house, Josie praised Nathan for his efforts.

"Do you know what, fair play to him," she said.

"I knew he’d step up to the plate, old Nathey," David added. "Good boy."

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