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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

BB11: Josie Dumps John James

Day 71: The arguments between Josie, John James, Corin and Sam boiled over into today as Josie dumped John James, accusing him and Sam of ganging up on Corin yesterday. She continued to defend her friend Corin as John James threatened to walk out of Big Brother once again.

Josie told John James she doesn't want to speak to him anymore and she also said to John: 'Me and you are done'.

The Bristolian went on to tell John that she can't be with a man who treats women badly. John was stunned by what Josie said and claimed that he never treats women in the wrong way.

Sam Pepper soon became involved in the argument and told Josie to be angry with him but not to bring John into it. Sam pleaded with Josie not to fall out with John but he was swiftly rejected by the buxom babe.

John eventually apologised to Josie but she said that the pair aren't strong enough to be together if he is going to stick up for someone else rather than her.

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