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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BB11: Rate Your Housemates Task

Day 70: Big Brother got the housemates to rate each other during the latest Task, but not everyone was happy with the results. In the Diary Room they were given a board and a picture of their fellow Housemates. There were 9 categories, and they rated their housemates from most to least in each. The categories were as follows:

Desperate to win
Attention seeking

Later, they were gathered together on the sofa and to take part in a game of ‘Rate my Mates’. Armed with a board and 9 coloured envelopes, each housemate took it in turns to pick an envelope. Each envelope contained one of the above categories and a photo of each Housemate.

On their turn, they attempted to place the photos in order of most to least on the board, for their category. The housemate who got the order for their categories correct in the fastest time will won a prize.
The results (see next post) upset a few of the housemates, who took it too heart.......

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