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Sunday, 27 June 2010

BB11: Mario Streaks During Pool Party

Day 19: Mario got naked again and proved he is no shy boy during the Big Brother 'Pool Party' last night and other housemates have promised to do more streaking over the coming days.

Digitial Spy reports, After enjoying the dinner won by David in this afternoon's task, John James, Mario, Sunshine, Shabby, Caoimhe, Ife and David headed to the pool. While discussing who should go to the fridge to get cans of lager for the group, someone challenged Mario to walk in naked and collect them.

Mario held a quick vote, where everyone present put their hands up for him to streak. He proceeded to climb out of the pool, remove his shorts and wave them over his head before walking naked into the kitchen.

Ife shouted, "Check out the size of his balls!" The other housemates laughed as Mario casually walked back to the pool with the cans of lager in his hand. He then picked his shorts up and turned to put them on.

David told him: "There's no point in turning your back to us now, we've fucking seen it!"

As the 28-year-old joined the others back in the pool, he joked about always being the one to get naked in the house. "Maybe I could be a male stripper when I get out," he added.

Corin later came to speak to the housemates in the pool, and was informed that she had missed Mario's streak. "Thank God for that!" she exclaimed.

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*Story from Digital Spy

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