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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

BB9: Day 28 - Gossip From The Group

Jen's group have been busy gossiping about the other housemates this evening, but not before her group assured her that she will be safe this week from eviction and Rex would go on Friday.

In the afternoon Jennifer and Rebecca complained about Kathreya and Rachel in their Llama costume saying they never spoke to them. Bex said Rachel was "dull". Then later Bex felt Rachel was playing a game in the BB9 house. Jen and Luke also slammed game players while chatting in the bathroom, but it was Darnell who really knows what is going on in the Big Brother house.

Darnell thought Jennifer's group of friends were the game players. "That's what I don't get," he mused. "All the time everyone else is being fake, but they're the only ones that ever switch."

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