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Friday, 4 July 2008

BB9: Day 30 - You Decide - Rex or Jen?

They have been in the BB9 house for a month but tonight one of them must leave - Who goes, YOU decide!

In previous evictions the public have overwhelmingly voted the person they want out of the Big Brother house, but tonight could be a tough one. While the money might be on Jen going, many will want her to stay in because of the love 'triangle' between Dale, Stuart and Jennifer.

Now with the addition of three new women into the BB9 house, could it swing the voting public into keeping Jen in? Meanwhile Rex has been proving himself a hit with the ladies outside the house and they may yet keep him in for another week. Many like his straight talking and honest approach, although excluded by some of the housemates, Rex has held up well.

In the latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll, more people have so far voted Rex into their Top 4 than Jen but it looks like it could be a close result.

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