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Monday, 14 June 2010

BB11:Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 2 - 5

Thurs 10th June (Day 2) - Big Brother had 2.83m (15.8%) viewers for Channel 4 from 10pm, with 254k (2.7%) tuning in on C4+1.

Fri 11th June (Day 3) - The 9pm show was seen by 2.19m (10%) and a further 434,000 (2.4%) on Channel 4+1

Sat 12th June (Day 4) - Saturday night is traditionally the worst night for Big Brother viewing figures and this year BB11 has the World Cup to compete with, but 1.79 million (8.9%) still managed to tune in and watch Mario the Mole and the Tree of Temptation at work. This was only slightly down on the opening Saturday last year (1.9m / 9%)

Sun 13th June (Day 5) -  Over 3 million tuned in to find out if Mario would become a housemate as he completed his 'Impossible Task'. The show averaged 2.69m (10.8%) for Channel 4 in the 9pm hour, with 324,000 (1.8%) watching on the timeshift. channel C4+1. This was a massive boost for Big Brother, year on year it was about 50% higher.

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