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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

BB11: John James And Josie Share Shower

 Day 8: Things are hotting up in the Big Brother 11 house as romance begins to form among the housemates. We already know Josie has a bit of a thing for Aussie housemate John James, he has already let it be known he doesn't go for the girls that are stunning. So what better way to push that romance along than sharing a nice hot shower together.

Josie and John James fooled around after the shower, Josie stole his towel and he wrestled with her to get it back. It looks like Josie has fallen for the Australian housemate, but could she end up with a broken heart?

Later John James told Josie that Big Brother had asked him who he considered attractive in the house.

"I hope you said me," she smiled. John James confirmed that he had and Josie promised to tell Big Brother that she found him attractive as well. John James took the opportunity to ask her again why she had stolen his towel.
"To be closer to you," she said.

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  1. ahhhh:')
    i love josie & john james, i hope they get together in the house !

  2. Josie is a moron, she plays mind games with John, he sooooooo deserves better than that heap

  3. i love john james and because i love him u would think i would be jealos but strangley im not i love john and josie but she pisses me off sometimes but i love her anyways they make big brother good U KNOW WHAT ALL THE PEOPLE FROM BIG BROTHER SHOULD GO ON IN A just to see jonh james again i love him soooooo much im ike his bigest fan evrrrrrrrrrr

  4. i like josie because i want to josie to win in the big brother she with a good housemate

  5. i absolutly fancy the hole of johnjames hes soo goargus its unreal but i hope him and josie get together when they leave the house cas i think there in love i can see it and its not about how goodlooking you are its about what you see in eachother i think theyre perfect for eachother josie to win all the way

  6. id absolutly love to do bigbrother when im older im only 14 im soo sad that this is the last one why? bigbrother is great id defo apply for it when im older if it was still going i wish you would keep it going forever

  7. I love john james and josie.. they're not fake and on lf even before josie got into the final he was asking her for sex when they left the house.. josie john james jj and corin for the final.. john james and josie have to get together after the show.. :)

  8. I love josie and john james so much they so suit eachother people only make nasty comment's because their jealous... :/

  9. i absolutly lurrrvvvee john james, hes soooooooooo fit and totally gorgous. him and josie are totally cute they shud definatly stay 2gether, obviously i want to be in josies place but in my heart i am lol!!!! all the people making nasty comments about either or both are sooo jelous or wateva, hate that bb has ended hope ots on again ly'all(especially john james!!! hehe ;) lol) xxxxx


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