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Friday, 18 June 2010

BB11: Govan Calls Housemates Greedy

Day 10: The tempers have already started to fray as the Big Brother housemates bicker between themselves. Govan was the latest to get angry, as he blasted housemates as "greedy".

Following the delivery of their weekly shopping, a number of items had already been consumed before certain members of the house had been able to have any.

The 21-year-old complained, "Some people are so greedy in here... there are 14 of us in here."
Sunshine agreed, explaining that her hummus and falafel, which she requested specifically due to her vegan diet, has also been eaten by others.
Govan suggested that he knew who had been snacking on the extra food. "I bet it's the same people. I won't say, but I've got a good idea of who," he said.

Sunshine tried to calm him down, telling him that it didn't matter and she could just eat plain pitta bread. However, he continued his protest, saying: "It makes me angry quite honest how greedy people are."
*Story reported on: DigitalSpy
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