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Monday, 14 June 2010

BB11: First Big Brother 11 Argument Erupts

Day 6: Someone has turned up the heat in the Big Brother house, and it can only lead too tears, especially in this case as onions are involved! According to the official website: "As Ben put it nicely, 'Oniongate' has been the topic of tension tonight. During the evening meal, Ben helped himself to some onions to spice his meal up. Govan witnessed the event and began to voice his opinion when he saw Dave follow suit.

As the dinner table was being cleaned, Dave and Govan took to the Living Area where Dave sought an explanation to the words he had heard Govan say. Ben tried to diffuse the situation, but it soon erupted into a full blown argument.

Dave accused Govan of being disrespectful as he claims he heard Govan say 'Dave jumped on the back of Ben having onions knowing he shouldn't have' and went on to say 'if I was you Govan, I would sit back and apologise'.

Govan could not hide his frustration any more and exploded into rage, retorting 'don't assume what I said... I don't need to explain myself anymore'

'Oniongate' has spilled over into an argument surrounding Sunshine and most notably, Govans involvement in the group voting her as the Mole on Day 4.

After the first ripples of the onion argument began to settle, a wave of anger washed over Govan as he was suddenly accused of 'playing games' and 'manipulating' the group into voting Sunshine as the House Mole.

Govan pleaded his innocence barking 'I'm sorry you think I'm some sort of devious monster Dave but if you think I was playing games, that really offends me'.

Dave responded 'my take is that you were playing games as many people in this House do play games, but I don't want us to fall out over this'."

*BB official website:

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