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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BB11: Dickens' Shopping Task

Day 57: This week's Shopping Task was revealed by Big Brother and housemates will be entering a colourful Dickensian world as they pay homage to some of the novelist's famous characters over the next three days. For each of the six challenges they successfully pass, they will receive £50 towards next week's shopping task.

From Dickens' classic Oliver Twist the details are as follows:

Oliver: Andrew
Artful Dodger: JJ
Nancy: Josie
Bill Sykes: Steve
Mr Bumble: Dave

Fagin's Gang (Andrew, JJ, Josie, Jo and Sam) will learn a song and dance routine for 'Consider Yourself' from the musical Oliver! and will have to perform this evening. Check out the video on the website tonight!

For Bill Sykes' Bullseye, Steve will become the thief Bill Sykes and whenever he hears the theme music from the TV show Bullseye he must go to the Dartboard in the Dickensian Saloon and throw darts until he scores a bullseye!

Mr Bumble (Dave) will become the Parish Beadle in charge of the workhouse. He will be making gruel three times a day for his housemates.

From Dicken's novel Great Expectations:

John James and Rachel will both become Miss Havishams - the old woman who was spurned on her wedding day and has given up on life. They will take part in an endurance wedding dress sit-in for 24 hours in the task room!

From Dickens' A Christmas Carol:

Corin will become Scrooge for the duration of the task and will control the House purse strings - housemates must pay for access to the Bathroom, Kitchen and Smoking Area!

From David Copperfield:

Mario will become David Copperfield. However, there's been some kind of mix up...rather than Dickens' character, he will become American stage magician and illusionist David Copperfield! He will learn and perform a Las Vegas style levitation illusion.

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