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Thursday, 5 August 2010

BB11: Housemates Punished Over Sam Pepper

Day 58: You either love him or hate him, even the mention of Sam Pepper has managed to get some of the housemates into trouble with Big Brother.

Housemates gathered on the sofas and Big Brother played conversations from Dave, Rachel and John James into the House. These conversations had one recurring topic: Sam Pepper.

In the conversation, John James said 'of course he's going to be up...everyone's going to put him up'. Dave insinuated that Sam would also be high on the nominations hit list, referring that his future in the House is like 'shooting a fish in a barrel'.

As a result, Dave, John James and Rachel will be forbidden from nominating Sam next week, and Big Brother has told housemates that if they fail to comply with the rules regarding nominations, further punishments will be imminent. Sam Pepper could now escape being up for nomination if this is anything to go by. Meanwhile you can vote in our POLL - Do you love or hate Sam Pepper?

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