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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Lays Into Housemates

Day 11: It seems like Vinnie Jones has had enough of certain housemates and shared his thoughts with Stephanie Beacham. Top of his rant list is Lady Sovereign, who he exposed yesterday as the Food Thief. He told Stephanie that Lady Sov's swearing and sulking were out of order and predicted that the public would see the real Sov and she would be evicted. Heidi Fleiss was also at the receiving end of his rant, saying she didn't get involved or join in. Nicola and Katia were also slammed by the ex-footballer.

The CBB7 housemates are having to cope with food rations after rule breaking and failing this weeks Shopping Task, so it was no wonder Lady Sov felt hungry. She wanted to tuck into some corned beef but it prompted a few comments from other housemates, who told her to ask Vinnie if it was OK. Vinnie told her it was meant to be one of the dinners for the week. He told Stephanie, "it's all about her", as he told Lady Sov to get on with it and stop asking him what to do.

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