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Monday, 18 August 2008

BB9: Day 74 VIDEO - Girls Comfort Nicole

Nicole had been in tears again as the strain of being in the Big Brother house took it's toll on the 19 year old, plus going out with Rex doesn't make life any easier!

After an evening of games, alcohol and laughter it just went down hill for Nicole. She went to talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room and was a bit teary eyed when she returned. Then she told Rex to leave her alone.

Sat in the Ashtray, Kat joined Nicole and listened as she said, ""I'm just known as Rex's girlfriend and that's it, everyone else is in the same position here except me and people don't really want to know me. It's really hard. I feel left out all the time."

"Earlier you looked like you were enjoying the conversation," said Kathreya wondering what could've upset Nicole so much.

Then the truth started to come out and the truth was called Rex.

"I do everything for him," said Nicole. "I stand by him and he obviously doesn't appreciate it," she added.

The rest of the Big Brother girls tried to cheer Nicole up, as this video shows - it proved harder than they thought!

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