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Sunday, 17 August 2008

BB9: Day 74 - Rex "People Won't Break Us Up"

Rex was getting a few things off his chest to Big Brother in the Diary Room today but was confident the public would not split Nicole and him up if she faced eviction.

"I don't think she'll face eviction though because people won't break us up. That would be a low blow, if she was up for eviction this week. That would be the nail in the coffin for her and she'd throw the towel in," he said.

Talking of Nicole he told Big Brother, "She's struggling in here. I think she could be more affectionate towards me and other housemates."

"I don't think sticking so close to me is the best thing. When she arrived I did try to give her space but whenever I walked away she'd say: 'Why did you go without me?' She clearly doesn't want me to leave her alone for one second."

Find out Tuesday who the housemates have nominated................

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