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Sunday, 17 August 2008

BB9: Day 74 - Darnell "I've Had Enough!"

This morning Darnell went to the Diary Room and told Big Brother,
"I'm freakin' stressed out. I need to breathe. The walls are closing in," he moaned, in dramatic style.

"I came in here as a warm-hearted, great, nice, caring person. And I'm leaving as an old, miserable jerk. Oh my God, I really have had enough. All I can think about is myself, but what have I become?"

"I've got less confident, less strong in here. Everyone else has gained. Me, I just feel like ****. All I've found out is that everyone in the world seems to be better looking that me. None of the girls have fancied me in here so how can I expect any of the women on the outside to like me? What the hell is good about me? Nothing."

Woe is me.............

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