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Thursday, 21 August 2008

BB9: Day 78 - Kat Fears Nominations Will Be Shown

Kathreya has already been thrown into the Big Brother Jail several times for talking about nominations but this time the Thai housemate had a new fear to talk about.

Kat has admitted that she is concerned about other housemates viewing her nomination tapes. Kat told the housemates she thought "nominations [were] going to come up" and it could spoil the "happy, happy house" she envisaged for the final.

Darnell was unconcerned, telling Kat he doesn't "give a shit" if nominations are shown next week as it's so close to the final.

Rachel agreed that she was also indifferent to Big Brother playing nomination tapes and the feelings of housemates past and present. "If people hold grudges, that's their decision and I accept that," she said.

With Kat telling the housemates she'd "been living as a goldfish" and that she "didn't want to get emotional or scared" so close to the final, both Darnell and Rachel played down the chances of nomination tapes being played.

Darnell said Big Brother "doesn't want tension in the last week," while Rachel told Kat the "final week is usually quiet". Obviously Kathreya is thinking out each and every process, so we can expect some "nice" nominations next week - just in case the other housemates get to view her nominations.................

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