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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

BB9: Day 77 - Kat Sent To Jail For Nomination Talk

Naughty Kat was thrown back into the Big Brother Jail for talking about nominations once again. As we reported yesterday, Kat indicated quite clearly that Sara would go next week if she survived Friday's eviction.

Big Brother punished her by sending her to the Jail as soon as she got up this morning, not even allowing her to have a wash.

Crafty Kat wouldn't tell Rachel why she was being sent to Jail, but said her comments had been "misunderstood" by Big Brother.

Housemates were worried that she would miss the Shopping Task due to being in Jail, but later in the afternoon Big Brother released her. Kat quickly rushed a rehearsal for the Thriller Task that took place shortly after her release.

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