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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

BB9: Day 76 - Sara "Rex Can Think What The Hell He Likes"

Sara said Rex can think "what the hell he likes" yesterday, adding that she is not going to get upset over his prediction that she may leave.

The housemate was talking with Mo and Mikey in the luxury bedroom after being told that she will face the public vote alongside Lisa and Nicole. She said Rex had predicted that she would be axed just minutes after the announcement was made."

He can think what the hell he likes. If he thinks I am going he is allowed to have his own opinion," she said.Mikey agreed, pointing out that Rex was wrong last week after stating confidently that Rachel would be out.

Mikey said he had already come to blows with Rex over his prediction. "I already had a row with Rex there, purely because he was getting stuck into you Sara," he declared.

"He is so up his own arse that he thinks everyone loves him so they will love Nicole as well."

Mikey said he had simply pointed out reasons why some people might not like Nicole. He also urged Sara and Lisa to be themselves this week.

*BB official website: *Source: DigitalSpy

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