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Thursday, 21 August 2008

BB9: Day 78 - Greedy Mo Strikes Again!

Earlier, Rex told Nicole that he'd ordered nothing on the shopping list except for cigarettes, alcohol and one banana. But when the shopping arrived, there was plenty of food available -- and Mohamed began hoovering it down, before grabbing plenty of cider.

"Where are all the ciders?" Nicole demanded, and Rex soon took up her cause: "Where are all the ciders?" he asked Mohamed.

"I took four for myself," Mo confessed.

But Rex was adamant that Mo shouldn't have any: "Only the girls are drinking tonight," he explained to Mohamed. "I'm not drinking."

"Listen - " Mo began.

"Oh, just have them!" Nicole exploded to the toy demonstrator. "You're so greedy."

"Whoo, greedy Mo!" Mohamed whooped, turning back to the fridge.

"Mo's taken five," Nicole told Rex crossly.

"I took four," Mohamed insisted again, asking why he shouldn't.

"Because they're mine!" Nicole demanded. "And I'm going tomorrow, so why the hell should you get them? You should get them on Monday!"

The row escalated, with Nicole and Rex both calling Mohamed an idiot and yelling at him in a huge confrontation.

"Why are you shouting at me?" he protested, before saying he'd give Nicole the ciders - at which point Nicole ran into the luxury bedroom and sobbed for a while.

Mohamed came in and gave her the drinks, but she snubbed him and then ran out into the living area again.

"He's the biggest idiot!" she sobbed to the other housemates. "He is just the nastiest person. He's just disgusting. I can't wait to go."

And then she told Rex: "I can't wait to get out of this House -- it's full of absolute *****!"

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