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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Celeb BB PICTURES: Wizard Of Oz Task

DAY 7: Darryn looked visibly forlorn when he left the Diary Room earlier. Upon leaving, the other housemates asked him to join them for the Chinese takeaway that Big Brother had just rewarded them with. Darryn declined: when he was asked why, he simply replied that he ‘couldn’t talk about it’.

Amy again proved her wit when she speculated as to why Darryn was acting in the way he was, noticing that there had obviously been something going on in the Diary Room. Darryn disclosed to Jedward that they were ‘gonna be happy soon’ as well. So what was the cause of this mysterious behaviour?

In the Diary Room, Darryn was offered a Chinese meal for himself, a glass of white wine and the chance to see his beloved pet parrot. Darryn declined all three of the offers, and the housemates have already been rewarded a Chinese meal. Could it be that Darryn’s show of heart will reward the other housemates?

Day 7: Jedward and Tara experienced their first part of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ task today. The munchkins were required to assemble behind the lollipops in the Garden when they heard the Witch’s cackling echo through the house. There were one or two problems, though…

Tara and Edward found the task relatively easy, and were in place relatively quickly. John, on the other hand, had a tougher time of it (which might be through some devious timing on Big Brother’s part). When asked why he took so long to get to the lollipop by his fellow munchkins, John replied that he was ‘right on the toilet’. Thankfully, he didn’t feel the need to elaborate on that. Let’s hope he hasn’t flushed the task down the toilet…

Darryn is the Tin Man who keeps on giving. As part of his task, Darryn was asked to choose between seeing his beloved pet parrot or for Tara to have a phone call from her newlywed husband, Zack. In an act of kindness, he choose the latter. Returning from the diary room after speaking to Zack, she gave Darryn a huge hug to say thank you and called him ‘a kind man’. Saying he knew he’d made the right choice, it was visible that Darryn has a softer side that maybe some of the housemates had previously overlooked.

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