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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Celeb BB: First Celebrity Big Brother Hosuemate Evicted

Day 9: In the end, just 1% of the vote separated Sally Bercow from Bobby Sabel but Sally became the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Kerry Katona was also up for the public vote, but this year Channel 5 have added the twist - viewers VOTE TO SAVE the housemate of their choice. Bobby had been the easy contender at the start of the week because he didn't do much in the house, but that all changed when he challenged Darryn.

Sally Bercow was always going to be a character you either loved or hated, but she would always speak her mind regardless. As the week went on, she adopted the role as house mother - but this didn't go down too well with other housemates. Sally challenged housemates over the cleanliness of the house and sought to introduce a cleaning rota - this went down like a lead balloon and sealed her fate with the public.

VIDEO: watch the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction of 2011

It was also a big moment for Brian Dowling and Channel 5 as this was the first Big Brother eviction since it moved to the network. Ratings for the programme had been declining on Channel 4 but Channel 5 have started with some of their best ratings since the launch of Celebrity Big Brother.

Although Sally Bercow was evicted to crowd boos, she was also cheered by the same crowd - highlighting how fickle the public can be. She told viewers that she knew she didn't stand a chance against Kerry or Bobby because of the audience demographics. She also told Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side that she had no regrets about going on the show, having raised £100,000 for her chosen charity.

Sally's post eviction interview

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