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Friday, 26 August 2011

Celeb BB: Bobby Sabel - Exciting Or Dull?

 A week is a long time in the Celebrity Big Brother house and public opinion changes according to the unfolding events each day. Bobby Sabel (top model for those of you who have never heard of him!) has certainly got viewers talking. At the start of the week, everyone was asking, "Bobby who?" and he was hardly on anyone's radar. He was branded dull and pointless by many commentators but then Bobby discovered he had balls and began to use them!

Suddenly Bobby Sabel was worth watching as he spoke his mind and spoke out against hypocrisy and the two-faced nature of some housemates. He was even willing to say what he thought to Darryn, doing so in an honest straightforward way. He might have lost (or won!) a few fans when he dripped sweat into Darryn's lemonade but at least he came clean and owned up and confessed how he tried to get one up on Darryn.

Bobby seems to have transformed himself from a sleeping housemate into a worthy contestant to win the show. He doesn't consider himself a celebrity and hates the fakeness that follows others in the house, but will his new honesty be enough to save him from eviction tonight? Tune in to Channel 5 later and find out.....
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