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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Celeb BB PICTURE: Lucien And Amy Getting Closer?

Day 6 - Amy's eyes may have lit up when Lucien entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday but he was not so impressed with the TOWIE beauty. Lucien seemed to wind up Amy and told her he just didn't understand her humour, but was this just a front? He seems to be pretty obsessed with Amy and the body language in the picture above is pretty telling.

Over the coming days, expect a Big Brother romance to form as Amy has recently split up from her boyfriend and Lucien claims he has never had a girlfriend.....

The romance between the pair seemed to be already ending as Lucien says Amy is “wrapped up in her own world”. Talking in the Garden to Bobby, he follows on that Kerry is more his ‘type of girl’ and has been spending increasingly more time with the Mum of four.

However, this was not the case earlier in the night, as Lucien spent most of the ‘Pop Party’ gyrating on the dance floor with the TOWIE star and then later arranging to meet up outside the house. Make your mind up! Seems Amy is just as confused as us, as when Lucien asked her in earlier in the night if she “got his flow” she replied with a firm “No”…

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