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Monday, 22 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS - Day 3

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 3 inside the house, featuring Jedward and various dance moves!

Day 3 - Jedward Get Physical

First one up, one half of Jedward gives us a glimpse into his morning workout routine in his tinsy pink towel!

Day 3 - Bedroom Britney Banter

Hilarious scenes as Paddy does his best Britney impression and jumps into bed with Jedward...

Day 3 - Lucian And Amy - Romance Or Fauxmance?

Lucien discusses his feelings for Amy, and later breaks down in tears. Or is it all a wind-up?

Day 3 - Jedward's Egyptian Dance

Jedward attempt an Egyptian dance, but get it slightly wrong, much to the amusement of their fellow housemates.

Day 3 - The Pharaoh And Her Slaves

Pharaoh Tara has the housemates at her command, so she makes them bark like dogs, then hug it all out...

Day 3 - Paddy And Darryn Interrogate Lucian

The elder statesmen of the house tease young Lucien about his lack of romantic action so far

Day 3 - Rise Of The Mummies

As part of the Un-Pharaoh task, Mohammed Al-Fayed commands our mummified housemates to rise from the dead

Day 3 - Jedward Mummy Dance

Jedward hope their new Task is a Mummy-Dance, but are they right?

Day 3 - Housemates Prepare For Their Mummy Task

See the Housemates prepare for their exciting new Mummy Task!

Day 3 - Housemates Discuss Jedward Becoming Politicians

Amy, Bobby and Sally discuss if Jedward were to become Politicians. Would you vote Jedward?

Day 3 - How To Be A Diva

Sally tells Tara and Bobby how she would have played the Diva Task.

Day3 - Tara's Personal Stylists

Tara gets VIP treatment in the form of two new personal stylists. Are there no end to those boys talents?

Day 3 - Paddy Nearly Goes To Bed

Paddy thought the party was over but the promise of a night cap roused him from his slumber

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