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Sunday, 13 July 2008

BB9: Viewing Figures Hold Steady

Written off by critics (including myself) at the start of the series, Big Brother has proved the British public still love the reality programme, with over 3m tuning in to the main show each night. Although total percentage of viewers may be down from the height of it's popularity in years gone by, Big Brother is still a force to be reckoned with.

If you are only watching it on the C4 main show then you are truly missing out. Thanks to digital TV you can catch up with programmes you have missed on C4+1 or watch BBLB / BBBM over on E4. The best feature this series has been the ability to watch 24 hours a day by pressing the red button on your remote. While the average night's episode has about 3.2m tuning in, I suspect a lot more are watching at other times. Websites like DigitalSpy and The Sun also help to inform the public with constant updates.

We are almost 40 days into BB9 and the public show no sign of tiring, twists and turns will keep viewers glued to the TV for the next 50 days without a doubt.

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