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Thursday, 17 July 2008

BB9: Day 43 - Housemates Shovel S**t!

Life for the Big Brother 'Hell' housemates just got worse as they had to shovel s**t for the reward of two hours hot water.

Big Brother has placed one empty pen in the Garden and one pen full of compost. Housemates from Hell must move the manure from one to the other using only seven trowels and a wheelbarrow.

Rebecca said that a lot of people in the house talk s**t and screamed when some got in her hair, Michael was worried that creepy crawlies would be in the manure and Lisa's goggles steamed up.

Meanwhile the Heavenly housemates sat on their garden chairs looking on and laughing. A rendition of "Old McDonald Had A Farm" was sung by Darnell and co as the manure was being wheelbarrowed across the garden.

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