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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

BB9: Day 41 - Nominations Revealed

The Big Brother housemates nominated for eviction this week have been revealed as Belinda and Rex. The housemates voted Belinda after a week of non stop snoring and Rex for his arrogance. Tonight's BBLB will reveal more details and the 10pm show on Channel 4 will explain how each of the housemates voted.

Here is how each housemate voted this week:

Dale: Belinda and Lisa
Darnell: Rex and Rebecca
Kathreya: Lisa and Rebecca
Maysoon: Belinda and Rebecca
Mohamed: Rebecca and Stuart
Rachel: Lisa and Luke
Rex: Belinda and Lisa
Belinda: Rachel and Rex
Lisa: Rachel and Rex
Luke: Mohamed and Rex
Michael: Rex and Belinda
Rebecca: Mohamed and Rex
Sara: Mohamed and Rachel
Stuart: Mohamed and Belinda

*Rex = 6 and Belinda = 5 (Rebecca and Mohamed = 4). Darnell was exempt from being nominated because he is Head of House for the week following the election.

*BB official website:

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