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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

BB9: Day 41 - Housemates Think Belinda Will Be Evicted

Housemates think that Belinda will be evicted on Friday and were quite surprised that Rex was up for the public vote. Rebecca and Lisa agreed that Rex was "too big a character" for Big Brother to lose. The "Hell" housemates sat in B Block discussing the nomination results, Lisa said she was glad to be in the "Hell" team and said that Mario would be laughing as he watched them doing the cycle task.

Rebecca said you can never be too sure who would go on Friday, but agreed with the group that it looked like Belinda would go as Rex had not done anything wrong.

Meanwhile Rex thinks that he is really liked by the public and is convinced that Belinda will go as he discussed with Dale, Mo and Kat in the Heavenly Garden. Dale doesn't think the vote is between two big characters as Belinda has only been in the house for a week. Kat said she likes Belinda and maybe the public like her as well.

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