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Friday, 18 July 2008

BB9: Poll - 'Who Would YOU Put In Hell Group?' Results

Some of the housemates have been in sheer hell this week as the Big Brother 9 was divided into the Heavenly and Hell groups. All week the BBBS poll asked readers 'Who Would YOU put in the Hell Group?'

The votes are all in and have been counted, here are the results:
Belinda - 45 votes
Mohamed - 42
Rex- 37
Darnell - 35
Rebecca - 32
Michael - 29
Kathreya - 28
Maysoon - 28
Lisa - 25
Rachel - 25
Luke - 22
Sara - 20
Dale - 19
Stuart - 17
The line divides who would be in 'Hell' and who would be in 'Heaven', poor Kathreya would be in hell - even though she polled the same amount as Maysoon due to the results going in alphabetical order. It is clear from your voting that you want Belinda to stay in 'Hell' and Mo should join her there! I've got a feeling ladies voted heavily in this poll, as the two BB9 housemates you least voted into 'Hell'. Voting split up Rebecca and Luke, which would have been interesting to watch if that did happen. Rex and Darnell would have have moved from the Heavenly group into 'Hell', while Darnell would have coped well, Rex might have been tempted to walk!
A new poll is now up and we want to know 'Which Two Housemates You Would Nominate For Eviction?'. Voting closes Tuesday at 5pm, just ahead of the announcement of who will face the public vote next week.
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