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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

BB9: Day 41 - French Shopping Task

House leader Darnell revealed this weeks Shopping Task would have a very French theme. He revealed that there were four challenges that the group must complete. "Sorry, you guys have got it pretty tough," he told Hell.He explained that the housemates in Hell will have to take part in "Le Tour de Grand Frère", in which they will have to cycle 1,040 kilometres in 30 hours, the equivalent distance of Paris to Madrid.

Meanwhile, Heavenly housemates had three challenges to complete. Darnell chose Rex and Kathreya to take part in a food task, while Rachel and Maysoon were chosen to learn the art of mime. The last challenge was wine-tasting, with Dale being given the role, even though Rex wanted to do it."Shut your mouth," Darnell grinned. "I know what people want to do. I chose what they're good at."

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