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Sunday, 6 July 2008

BB9: Day 32 - Maysoon and Sara Gossip

Maysoon and Sara settle in the BB9 house

It's been a few days since Maysoon and Sara entered the Big Brother house and now the initial excitement and newness is quickly wearing off, the two girls will need to develop a thick skin in the BB9 house. Already the original housemates have formed opinions on Sara and Maysoon (we all know they think Belinda is mad so no need for debate there!), the group dynamics are changing and they will need to decide who will be their "friends".

As discussed earlier, Mohamed is flirting, and most of the other housemates try to sway the newbies into forming early opinions on the other housemates. Could we see Sara become the new group leader to replace Jen? Will Maysoon be a diplomatic floater and it's almost certain Belinda will be marginalised and forced on the outside.

Big Brother will no doubt add a few twists and turns to keep things in the house on a knife edge, we can expect some surprise evictions in the coming weeks. Let the gossip begin..............

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