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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

BB9: Day 35 - Belinda 'Snorgate' Drama

Another sleepless night in the BB9 house, with most of the housemates awake at 3am thanks to Belinda's snoring. The Luxury Bedroom have had enough, B Block refuse to have her and now Belinda's snoring is on every one's lips.

Luke wants to call a meeting and vote Belinda into B Block on alternate nights but B Block won't like that. Mario pointed out to those in the Luxury Bedroom they have the majority vote as they discussed where to stick Belinda. Luke called the situation 'Snorgate' as he likened the vote to a debate in the House of Commons, getting rather animated in the Luxury Bedroom as Michael joined in the heckling!

We all know how disastrous calling a BB meeting can be...................

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