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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

BB9: VIDEO - Kat Kisses Sara In Pool Snog

Sara and Kat enjoyed a full on snog in the pool after Rebecca encouraged the pair to kiss by shouting "Snog her, snog her". While Kathreya covered her face saying she was too scared and couldn't do it, as Rex and Darnell watched egging her on with chants of "Do it" and "snog snog!".

"Sara's gonna get no action in this House," said Darnell. "Bloody hell, what is wrong with me," smiled Sara. Hearing her pal felt a bit sad, Kathreya swam across the pool and gave Sara a full on snog in front of the other housemates.

"I feel a connection with you!" was Sara's response following the kiss. "OK. I kiss you tomorrow. Same time. In the pool," laughed Kathreya. Watch the full Channel 4 video below:

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