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Monday, 7 July 2008

BB9: Day 32 - Housemates Upset By Chanting

While Mickey was in jail and Rachel and Belinda were chatting to him - several people chanted names outside saying who they wanted out of the Big Brother house. For the rest of the afternoon all the housemates were discussing who the names were.

Rachel thought it was her name they called and looked visibly disturbed, while Belinda thought she'd heard a "Ch" sound and thought it could be Rachel or Rebecca. Then the Chinese whispers set in and before long Stuart had been told that Belinda had said his name. This then led to Belinda seeking solace in the Luxury Bedroom confiding in Mario as she she a little tear or two. Mario tried to explain that this is what happens in the BB9 house.

Stuart had already had his worst 24 hours in the house, crying earlier in the day and missing Jen, plus to top it all - Rebecca had cut his hair and she's not even a hairdresser. Any thought of being hated would have only made matters worse. Rex seems like the only person who wasn't fazed by any chanting saying he wasn't bothered.

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