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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

BB9: Day 34 - Bex In Bedroom Fun With Luke

It was a night of action in the Luxury Bedroom as Luke and Rebecca spooned together, but Rebecca had put water in the bed - forcing Luke to sleep closer than normal. The pair messed about as Luke joked that Sara would replace Rebecca in the bed after Friday. Sara jumped in bed as part of the joke, but later left the pair.

Then things got hot when Rebecca reached out for Luke's hand and got a surprise. Seconds later amid a flurry of covers, Bex questioned: "What was that?", prompting Luke to reply: "What do you think?"

Rebecca started laughing hysterically, catching the attention of Stuart, Sara and Maysoon.When Stuart asked: "Was he excited, Bex?", she laughed so hard that she fell off the bed. "You are not living that down now," Stuart told Luke.

Bex apologised and told the others that she was mortified and couldn't talk about it. "Have a good feel if that is what you need," said Luke."Oh my God," Rebecca continued to giggle. "Honestly, I thought it was your hand."

Big Brother called Luke into the Diary Room today (Day 35) to check it had been an accident and he was OK. Bex said, "they must think I'm terrorising you" but Luke assured her he had told Big Brother it was a complete accident.

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