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Saturday, 10 July 2010

BB11: New Housemates Settle In

Day 32: The first night for the three new Big Brother housemates went down well as the house celebrated with champagne. Andrew immediately clicked with Ben, Mario and Dave as he naturally sided with the intellectuals.

Corin was really excited to have some new girly mates. Since Rachel and Keeley have arrived she has been 'buzzing' and says that Rachel is so energetic that it is like a breath of fresh air.
Keeley seemed more subdued but John James seemed eager to get to know her, just how long will it be before Josie gets jealous as the Aussie turns his flirting towards the newest member of the Big Brother house?
Ben wasted no time in getting to know Keeley as he gave her the low down on the housemates as they chatted in The Nest.

Josie jokingly warned Keeley not to make John James angry or he would bite her head off. Keeley replied that she already knew all about John James' temper and said that she would make sure he behaves himself.

Andrew admitted that he found it weird being surrounded by so many cameras. Caoimhe reassured him that he would get used to it after a few days and he would eventually forget about them all together.

Finally Rachel got some insight of her own from John James. The Aussie walked her through some of the tasks that have taken place, he then told her how the housemates do the shopping list every week.

Yet within hours of their arrival, Ben was soon bitching about one of the new housemates, branding Keeley as 'Cruella'!

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