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Monday, 5 July 2010

BB11: Josie Hates John James

Day 27:  The love-hate relationship between Josie and John James definitely turned to hate following last nights party for half the house. John James took issue with a facial expression Josie had supposedly pulled earlier.

He accused her of having rolled her eyes when she found out Ife was threatening to walk out of the house, but Josie denied having done such a thing.

He proceeded to probe the Bristolian, asking whether she had lost respect for Ife due to the episode, which only served to anger Josie further.

She headed outside to vent her frustrations at Mario, Ife and Corin. "He's pissed off that he's got to be involved in all the dramas and I'm cool as a cucumber. He's trying to rile me up," she fumed, vowing that she now "hates" the Australian.

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