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Thursday, 8 July 2010

BB11: Three New Housemates To Enter Big Brother

Day 30: Three new housemates will be entering the Big Brother house on Friday, according to the official website. As the picture above shows, two girls and one boy will join the BB11 housemates.

Housemate 1: Andrew, 19, a "loveable maths geek"
Andrew's biography reads that he "moved to Oxford last year to start university and currently lives in a house with 6 boys and 12 girls. Andrew passed his maths A-Level when he was 13 years old".

Housemate 2: Rachel, 28, a "funny, bouncy, confident Scouser"
Rachel "considers herself a risk taker, hates negative people and was once sacked from a job for being too loud".

Housemate 3: Keeley, 30, a "very focused, attractive business woman".
Keeley believes that "personal success is extremely important to her and she admits she has a superiority complex. This, she feels stems from her being a small woman as she's not quite five foot tall".

The three new housemates will appear on Big Brother's Little Brother on Friday at 6pm on E4 and are expected to enter the house after Friday's eviction.

*BB official website:

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