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Saturday, 9 August 2008

BB9: Day 66 - Darnell and Sara Fall Out

Sara's storm in a tea cup!

Darnell and Sara have fallen out and it all began over whether or not Darnell would try to sleep with Sara if they shared a bed. Darnell said he had yet again been embarrassed on national TV by Sara after she claimed he would try to make a move.

"Get off my f**king bed now, don’t make me count to ten," Darnell fumed last night, adding that he would now be thought of as the "house perv". Darnell told housemates he was "pissed off" and had been made to look like a fool.

He then spent Saturday morning reliving the story to any housemate who would listen, making Sara come across as the "bad" one in the argument. Meanwhile Sara could only find comfort in Lisa, who told her she had "not done anything wrong". Sara said she would just avoid talking to Darnell while he cooled down.

Darnell asked Rachel when the footage of the incident would be shown and after she replied, told an attentive audience of housemates that he wanted to leave the Big Brother house. Quickly housemates rallied around him to talk him out of leaving the house. During this time Sara had be lying on the sofa, being ignored by Darnell, Rachel and Mohamed.

Looks like Sara and Stuart could be high on the nominations list if Darnell gets his way........

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