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Thursday, 7 August 2008

BB9: Day 64 PICTURES - Housemates Jump Into Pool With Clothes On

Heavenly housemates decided to take a dip in the Big Brother pool but thought it would be better to leave their clothes on. First Sara got thrown in then Lisa jumped in and Darnell quickly followed behind. Eventually Dale and Stuart were in the pool fully clothed and persuaded Mo to belly flop into the pool.

Dale ended up taking his top off and screaming after the housemates joked a moth was on his t-shirt. The antics got more naughtier in the Luxury Bedroom as housemates whipped off Darnell's towel, only to discover he was naked underneath. The 26 year old had to pull down his t-shirt to save his dignity, although viewers got a glimpse of his testicles briefly.

Darnell with his 'ladies'

Mo in boxers does a belly flop into pool

Dale whips off top in moth scare

Stuart, fully clothed in Big Brother pool

Darnell holds Sara in a romantic moment

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