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Sunday, 18 July 2010

BB11: Caoimhe Feels Isolated By Josie

Day 40: Caoimhe has confided in fellow housemates Corin and Keeley about the recent arguments over John James and Josie. Although the pair had tried to clear the air, it seems there's still rifts of tension between the two, reports the official website.

Keeley tried to grasp the recent developments and asked Caoimhe if she has spoken to the buxom Bristolian about the situation.

'Did you tell her you didn't like him?' asked Keeley, regarding John James. 'Of course' Caoimhe Stated. 'She said she's avoiding me, she can't look at me'.

'It's ridiculous' the Dubliner went on 'It's a bit pathetic to be honest, to let a boy get in the way of a girlfriend'.

Having got caught in the middle of this ménage a trios, it appears Caoimhe wants to stay away from the star crossed lovers. Taking a malevolent tone, she tells Corin and Keeley that she doesn't 'feel comfortable around them two now'.

'I'm not going to go cosy up with them in bed now!' she exclaimed, adding that the situation was 'embarrassing for everyone'.

Caoimhe finished off, reiterating her moral stance on loyalty: 'You never let a boy come between two girl friends. Never'.

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