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Friday, 23 July 2010

BB11: The Six New Potential Housemates

JJ JJ is 23 years old, single and comes from London. He is a professional boxer and is therefore very competitive.
He knows he's good-looking and admits to being vain and cocky.

JJ sleep talks and engages in conversation with his eyes open while he's still asleep!
He hates people that leave or threaten to leave once inside the Big Brother House.

Jo Jo is a 41-year-old, single make-up artist from Luton.
She has never had a relationship as she has too many things she wants to achieve in life such as DJ'ing and getting into the Big Brother House.

Her DJ name is DJ Naked and mixing the decks is one thing that makes her really happy.
Jo thinks she would be a nightmare to live with, as she is lazy in terms of housework.
The feisty cougar thinks she's friendly to live with but after a while if she doesn't have her own space she could get moody.

She snores really badly which annoys her mates.
Jo has got a thing for younger guys as they're fitter and better looking, normally they're about 25-ish.

Joel Joel is a 33-year-old busker from East London who is in a relationship.
This likeable guy is really laid back but has a naughty cheekiness itching to come out.

He declares himself the sexiest fat man and wants to show the world that fat can be sexy.
This charmer plays the steel pans and claims to have an IQ of over 130!

Joel says that he is extremely windy, which could annoy other housemates.
He can't stand rats or mice and hopes he won't come across the tiny critters in the BB House.

Laura Laura is a pretty, posh and opinionated 20-year-old Sales Assistant.
She lived in West Virginia, USA for 2 years when she was 15 but currently lives in Weston-super-Mare with her gay cat.

When she was younger, Laura rebelled by getting her tongue, ears and belly button pierced - she then filmed her mother's reaction!
Laura is up for pretty much anything and once did a naked run for a dare.

She hates people dressed up as gorillas or any other animal.
Laura spends ages in the shower, at least 30 minutes every time.

Megan Megan is a single 20 year old Bar Assistant from Liverpool.
She's a bubbly beautiful Scouser whose image is very important to her.

Megan loves being looked after at home and having no responsibilities.
Her reason for going into the BB House is to win enough money to buy herself a place in Ibiza.

Megan says she is very lazy but rates herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness.
She hates politics as it makes her sick but she loves playing pranks on people.

Sam Sam is a single 21-year-old Grafitti Artist from Kent.
Sam is a young, likeable lad looking for direction.

He lives at home with his grandparents and feels bad because they do everything for him: 'I get spoilt by them and I've never been spoilt in my life.

Sam says his worst habit is farting, which could be fun in a shared Bedroom.
He doesn't admire any previous housemates because 'they are all boring'.

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