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Monday, 19 July 2010

BB11: John James Not Attracted To Josie

Day 41: John James told Mario that he is not attracted to Josie, reports DigitalSpy after a day of tensions between the pair.

Speaking alone in the kitchen after the other housemates had gone to bed, Mario confronted the Australian over his feelings.

"As a girlfriend sexually would she be someone you would want to date?" he asked.

"I never saw her like that," John James replied. "Everything I do with Jose I do with you."

Mario then asked if he would have sex with her, commenting that this was "the test".

"I wouldn't, no," replied John James. "I'm a soft dick like that, I'm not... a hardcore - that fucks anything that goes about."

John went onto compare himself to Govan - Josie's former best friend in the house, and said that he was "the third wheel" in their group.

"I was never attracted to Josie that way 'cause it never started off like that," he continued. "I'm one of those people that needs it to start straight off, there's no point getting to that point now and starting something.

"I'm not going to put anybody through this drama in an environment like this... I've been good friends with her up to this point, what's the point?"

*As seen on DigitalSpy
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