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Saturday, 4 September 2010

UBB: Nikki Moans As Pete's PA

Day 88: It started off well, but soon turned to tears as Nikki Grahame became PA for Pete Bennett. As her new boss, BB7 winner Pete would make sure Nikki completed the following jobs:

+To write a column about the Housemates and their week in the House.
+To freshly squeeze an orange juice for Mr Bennett
+To separate paper clips into colour order
+To sharpen 50 blunt pencils
+To tidy the Kitchen and Living Room
+To make teas and coffees for the House

Even before she found out it was Pete she was working for, she termed the task 'unbearable', complained that she doesn't like sitting down all day and exclaimed that she hates taking orders.

Once the initial joy of meeting Pete faded, the diva exclaimed, "I wouldn’t have minded doing this yesterday, I'd got nothing to do," she said to no-one in particular. "I've got so much to do today."

Her bad mood worsened as Pete barked at her to hurry up with the paper clips task and gave her an "official warning" for slacking. Nikki was tipped over the edge when he ignored her questions about when her shift would finish and instead ordered her to sharpen 100 of his pencils.

"This is unbearable," she whined as she collected the pencils from the hatch. "I get the worst one out of everyone. Oh, I can't take it anymore!"

After moaning to a nearby Brian that she needed to go to the toilet and was desperate for a drink, Nikki vented: "If it was up to Pete he'd let me do what I want, but they're [Big Brother] in his ear telling him what to say. They're loving it."

Overhearing Nikki's predicament, Pete then buzzed in: "No, you can't go to [the] toilet, get on with your work. I need pencils! Sharpen my pencils! If they're nice and sharp I’ll think about it. Have a nice slash."

Eventually Big Brother allowed Nikki to leave her desk for a bathroom break, but their insistence that she return immediately caused the BB7 finalist to burst into tears.

"I really can't take much more of this," she whimpered. "I'm so tired. I hate it, I knew I was gonna hate this one."

Even more distress was caused to the infamous moaner when Big Brother failed to let her into the Diary Room to hear her complaints. She was led back to her desk by Brian who promised to keep her company and reminded her that she had constantly requested to be set a task yesterday.

Eventually Nikki was granted a short lunch break, from which she returned to work ten minutes late.

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