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Friday, 3 September 2010

UBB: Brian Dances With Ex-Housemates

Day 87: Brian Dowling got to re-live his dancing task from Big Brother 2, with some very special partners. BB5's Marco Sabba was the first to return as part of this week's Retrospective Task. Brian enjoyed a slow dance to some classical music with Marco while he was in the garden.

During this week's task, whenever a trigger of Brian’s famous line “Bubble, hold me!” played into the House, he had to run to the stage in the garden within 30 seconds and dance for the duration of the song with whoever he found there. A number of ex-Housemates will appeared on the stage throughout the day to dance with Brian.

In addition, whenever Big Brother played the conga into the House, Brian had to get all his Housemates to do the conga around the Garden. They had to be there within 1 minute and dance for the duration of the song.

Later BB8 twins Sam and Amanda and BB7 Welsh housemate, Glyn, made their way to the dancing stage.

Two songs were played into the House and Brian began by getting his groove on with the twins. The House erupted into screams of excitement as Brian whirled and twirled with Sam and Amanda.

Once the first song ended, the twins left the House and the ultimates tried to settle down, but before they had a chance to boil the kettle, the 'Bubble, hold me' warning was raised once more.

Brian was hesitant at first, thinking he was hearing things but sure enough, BB7's Glyn re-entered and danced for another song with Brian.

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